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Post Brewing Company Emersum Oyster Stout

The Jax & Post Brewing Company Emersum Oyster Stout V1.0

January, 2014

The Post Brewing Company (a Big Red F concept) opened in January 2014 with one of the best known brewers in the world, Bryan Selders. Bryan has been making yeast happy for 10+ years.  He has done it so well, that he was even featured on the short series of Brew Masters. And now he is all ours! Naturally with our own brew house and Bryan at the helm, we have an obligation. And that obligation is to bring you an Oyster Stout better than your lips have ever touched. The brewing has begun. A lot of oysters, a few hops, some happy yeast, and some lovely malts have been mixed together and carefully tended to. We are all anticipating the result and awaiting the weeks until our mouths can be as happy as the yeast!

Oyster Stout will be available at each Jax Fish House starting March 2nd.