Our People



Sam became a chef because he loves to cook, plain and simple. Born in Denver and raised in Ojai, California, he attended the California Culinary Academy in San Fransisco. He rose through the ranks of the Los Angeles restaurant scene and earned his chops at such fine establishments as Rustic Canyon and Milo & Olive. As a chef, Sam loves creating a sense of community and working with his team to bring guests together over fresh, delicious, and sustainable dishes.

When he’s not behind the burners at Jax, Sam loves getting outdoors to enjoy the Colorado sunshine with his wife Anika and their two dogs, and then enjoying an ice-cold pint at a local brewery.



Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Kristi discovered her passion for hospitality while helping her brother open and operate his own restaurant, Wahooz Fish Taco. “I realized that dining is an experience and in so many areas of the world food and dining define family and culture. I am lucky and honored to be part of so many lives!”

Her vivacious spirit and beaming smile have become a mainstay at Jax, and Kristi is someone that everyone seems to know! In her spare time she enjoys cooking at home, biking through town, perusing the Farmers Market, and playing in the outdoors with her kids and husband.