Our People



Chef Ricky Myers knows the power of good cooking, not just to provide people sustenance, or to soothe their souls, but to bring them together–friends, families, and local businesses across the board.  This Southern Gent was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, and has spread his love of home-cooked comfort food across the country, and even in Europe!  After studying at the Culinary School at the Art Institute of Denver and working alongside legendary restaurateur Sean Yontz, Ricky earned his gourmet chops at some of the finest kitchens of the high country–the Wigwam Club, Wolfgang Puck’s Spago, and Jet Stream Seasoning.
Hungry for more adventure, he set off across Europe, huffing it through France, Spain, and Italy and all the while learning as much as he could about the continental culinary culture.
Ricky returned to Colorado with a newfound appreciation for locally-sourced, seasonal food, and helped to set the new standard of good eats.  He started working with several farm-to-table ventures, like that of Peach Valley, CSA, and in 2012 helmed the kitchen of Next Door Food & Drink in Loveland.  Now working his magic at Jax Fish House, Ricky creates insanely tasty soul food that is not only good for you, but also good for the community you live in.  He also loves to get involved in local events, like the NoCo 20/30 Suitcase Party, the Foothills Taste of Loveland, The Taste (Fort Collins), and the Five Chefs, Five Farms Dinner at Jax.
When he is not at work, Ricky can be found hiking and mountain biking with his wife, or cooking with fresh ingredients from his garden.  He also loves hanging out with his two dogs and playing his guitar.



Kristi Quick was born and raised in Austin, Texas. At the young age of 15 Kristi worked at the local New York Bagel and Deli. It was at this location that Kristi realized she had an obsession for customer satisfaction that was above normal! Kristi’s passions for customer service continued, as she first hand witnessed her brother open and operate his very own restaurant, Wahooz. Working at the restaurant is how it all came together for Kristi. Some would say she had her ah-ha moment. “I realized that dining is an experience. In so many areas of the world, food and dining define family and culture. I am lucky and honored to be part of so many lives!”

Kristi Quick can be described as vivacious, infectious, and contagious. As she moves through Jax, her beaming personality and outward laugh fills the space and completes the gaps. Kristi has a true passion for not only the restaurant but the customer experience as well. Knowing Kristi is no stranger to members of the Fort Collins community, as she has become someone that everyone simply has to know! Taking her community under her wing, Kristi is one of the driving forces behind bringing quality farm fresh food and sustainable seafood to Fort Collins. Feeding the knowledge and passion she has for quality food and quality experiences to her staff and diners is of the utmost importance to Kristi.

When Kristi is not at Jax, she can be found either cooking in her own kitchen, biking through Fort Collins, perusing the Farmers Market, or playing in the outdoors with her son and husband!